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Tank Mount Diffusers

Tank Mount Diffusers are an effective solution to a variety of hydraulic filtration issues. Foaming, cavitation, flow disturbance, and noise can all be addressed by using the proper tank mounted diffuser in your hydraulic system. We carry an extensive line of high-quality diffusers but can easily manufacture a custom part for your needs. Contact us to discuss your project with one of our engineers today.


  • Recommended to be mounted horizontally in tank
  • Can be highly effective in reducing aeration, foaming, turbulence and noise caused by return lines
  • Flow rates to 100 GPM


Flow diffusers are for hydraulic high-speed return lines, to slow down fluids entering the reservoir. They help cure foaming problems and prevent cavitation caused by flow disturbance at the pump inlet. They allow greater freedom in reservoir design and may even eliminate the need for tank baffling plates. They also reduce reservoir noise.

Choose from our line of hydraulic diffusers, or contact us about custom manufacturing a high-efficiency tank mount diffuser to meet your exacting hydraulic filtration needs.

Part NumberGPM"A" NPT Size"B" NPT Size"C" Length"D" Bushing Height"E" Diameter"F" Hex Diameter
TMD-10101 1/43/
TMD-15151 1/
TMD-252521 1/49.041.322.122.56
All dimensions are in inches and for reference only.
GPM based on return flow @ 20 ft/sec.
Part NumberGPM"A" SAE Size"B" SAE Size"C" Length"D" Bushing Height"E" Diameter"F" Hex Diameter
All dimensions are in inches and for reference only.
*Zinc plated steel bushing (excludes TMD-50-SAE-4824) black anodized aluminum