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SAE Tank Mount Suction Strainers


  • Zinc plated steel bushing (excludes SAE-50-4824 – black anodized aluminum)
  • SAE O-ring threads
  • Epoxy bonded stainless steel pleated screen
  • Flow rates to 50 gpm
  • Perforated steel support tube


SAE Tank Mount Suction Strainers are used in petroleum based fluids, coolants, lubricants, and many process fluids.

A tank-mounted strainer is installed through a tank top and may be removed for servicing without draining the tank.


  • 3 or 5 psi bypass
  • Custom sizes, screens and adapters
Part NumberGPM"A" External Threads"B" Internal Threads"C" Length"D" Bushing Height"E" Diameter"F" Hex DiameterScreen Area (SQ-IN)
SAE-3-12083SAE 12SAE 84.000.970.871.2529
SAE-5-16085SAE 16SAE 85.501.121.131.5035
SAE-10-201210SAE 20SAE 12
SAE-15-241615SAE 24SAE
SAE-25-322025SAE 32SAE 208.651.002.122.75125
SAE-25-322425SAE 32SAE 248.651.002.122.75125
SAE-50-482450SAE 48SAE 24 9.6881.503.072.50260
All dimensions are in inches and for reference only.
Ordering information example: 10 GPM 100 mesh with 3 psi relief valve = SAE-10-2012-100-RV3

Filter Mesh: 100 Mesh is Standard

Mesh Suffix - XXXMesh Opening MicronsOpen Area (%)

How to Order: 10 GPM SAE 20x12 Threads 100 mesh with 3 psi relief valve

StyleGPMFittingMeshRelief Valve*
*If no relief valve is required, leave blank
**Relief valve comes in 3psi or 5psi version