SAE Tank Mount Suction Strainers

Features of SAE Tank Mount Suction Strainer - Ohio Fabricators Company


  • Zinc plated steel bushing
  • SAE O-ring threads
  • Epoxy bonded stainless steel pleated screen
  • Flow rates to 25 gpm
  • Perforated steel support tube


SAE Tank Mount Suction Strainers are used in hydraulic fluids, coolants, lubricants, and many process fluids.

A tank-mounted strainer is installed through a tank top and may be removed for servicing without draining the tank.


  • 3 or 5 psi bypass
  • Custom sizes, screens and adapters
AssemblyModel #"A" NPT"B" NPT"C" Ref."D" Ref."E" (+/- .064)Screen Area (sq/in) 
0-7320-1SAE-5–1608SAE 16SAE 85.4171.1251.1336
0-7320-2SAE-10-2012SAE 20SAE 127.9761.0001.3665
0-7320-3SAE-15-2416SAE 24SAE 168.0181.0001.66089
0-7320-5SAE-25-3220SAE 32SAE 208.6681.0002.120127
0-7320-6SAE-25-3224SAE 32SAE 248.6591.0002.120127

Filter Mesh: 100 Mesh is Standard

Mesh SuffixMesh OpeningOpen Area
.0029" (74 Microns)33.6%
100.0055" (140 Microns)30.2%
60.0102" (260 Microns)37.3%

How to Order

AssemblyMesh SuffixOptional Relief Valves (RV3 or RV5)
0-7320-1- 100 -RV3