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“PS” Suction Strainers for Water and Petroleum-Based Fluids

The “PS” strainers are designed for use with portable insect control equipment. Where insect annoyance and aggravation is prevalent, the equipment sprays a mist to protect people to help maintain an “insect free” environment so the area remains comfortable and inviting.

Our “PS” strainers are made for water-based fluids where corrosion and low cost are competing factors. The cap and base are made from one-piece high strength nylon. The inner perforated support core is constructed of galvanized steel which adds strength to the pleated stainless-steel wire cloth and is epoxy bonded for leak-proof service. They are available in sizes of ½” female, 3/8” male and 3/8” female NPT hex nut sizes.

  • Reliable, low-cost filtering of water base fluids, most coolants, lubricating oils, some phosphate esters, and other process fluids.
  • One piece construction with generous screen area for minimal down time for cleaning or replacement.
  • Maximum effective screen area for contaminant collection.


  • Reliable, low-cost filtering of water-based and petroleum-based fluids, most coolants, some phosphate esters, lubricating oils, and other process fluids
  • Can be used for straining water-based fluids and oil-based chemicals
  • Stainless steel and plastic construction prevent rust


Nylon male (nipple with hex) and female (hex) used for easy installation of the one piece cap to provide strength and stability to hold the strainer body to protect the pump.

Designed as an in-tank strainer to be installed below the fluid level.


  • 1/2″ and 3/8″ NPT female coupling
  • 3/8″ male NPT couplings