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111 North 14th Street • PO Box 207 • Coshocton, Ohio 43812

Founded in Coshocton, Ohio in 1945

OFCO has been the manufacturer of choice for strainers, breathers, and screen solutions. We began supplying standard strainers to the hydraulics industry and quickly grew our capabilities to support a wide range of manufacturers, distributors and end users.
History of OFCO - Industry leading hydraulic filter manufacturer

Manufacturing custom hydraulic strainers, breathers, and screens in central Ohio with a veteran workforce

and friendly service helped us grow quickly. As time went on, we became well known for our custom-built filtration products.

Custom filtration products” is now our sweet spot as our customers rely on us to meet their exacting specs and rapid delivery times. Our entire operation is now focused on providing custom-created products that exceed expectations and pass our stringent quality requirements. Our knowledge in raw materials and innovative production techniques allow us to provide solutions for many industries.

Our ownership team is committed

to continuous improvement through training and facility upgrades.