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News You Can Use: Issue 1

"Unparalleled Delivery Times on Custom and Standard Filtration Products”

…to the first edition of Ohio Fabricators Company Newsletter

This will be a regular newsletter providing the reader valuable information regarding fluid power industry updates, technical advances, new product development, educational tidbits, and more. We hope you find them useful!

Who We Are and What We Do

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Hydraulic Suction Strainers

A staple product that has been in our product line forever, it seems, is our hydraulic suction strainers. They are made for petroleum-based fluids and designed to be placed on the suction line to give added life to your pump. With the pump being the most important component in a hydraulic system, it is wise to protect it. They also can interchange with many other manufacturers’ suction strainers. They are available with pipe sizes up to 3″ NPT male and female, and with either a nylon or metal connector end.

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Let’s Go to School! 

How bad can a few questions about hydraulics be? 

1. True or False? One gallon of fluid is equal to 321 cu. in.

2. True or False? Static energy is energy in motion.

3. In a hydraulic system, _______
A. pressure provides force
B. flow rate provides speed
C. both A and B
D. neither A nor B

4. _____________ is the distance a fluid travels in a specified time.

5. True or False? Water that mixes with lubricants, increases the effectiveness of the lubricant.

See answers to questions below

Suction Screens

Ohio Fabricators’ suction screens are used in the carpet cleaning industry, in disaster recovery, in the paint industry to strain and filter paint before it gets to the spray nozzle, as a vent or water screen in many wastewater and utility departments, and in chemical processing industries. 

They are available with male and female NPT threads up to 3″ and in mesh sizes from 4 to 200 mesh. They have a nylon end with stainless steel wire cloth epoxied into the nylon.

Trusted Supply Chain Partner Since 1945

In our 75th year, we specialize in custom filtration products made from wire mesh, perforated metal, and many other materials. 98% of our manufacturing and assembly operations are completed in house. Our customers, who span the globe and include many Fortune 500 companies, have relied for decades on our consistent product quality and outstanding customer service. 

We are also ISO Certified 9001:2015.

Words to Live By

“Getting something done is an accomplishment; getting it done right is an achievement.” ~ Anonymous

Let’s Go to School Answers: 1. False; 2. False; 3. C; 4. Velocity; 5. False