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Application Bulletin: Protection for the Hydraulic Pump Suction Strainers

When it comes to hydraulic pump protection, the “heart” of the system must be kept in the utmost efficient, working condition. Much like the human heart, which keeps the human body working, the pump keeps the hydraulic system operating. If the pump goes down, the system goes down. A simple installation of a suction strainer in the reservoir on the inlet side, will help keep the pump protected and operating smoothly.

There are two types of in-tank suction strainer options. The standard suction strainer is threaded on the inlet line at the bottom of the reservoir. The other option is the tank mounted strainer which is installed through the side wall of the reservoir on the inlet side. It is an extremely cost-effective way of protecting your investment.

Suction strainers are available in varying pipe sizes up to 3” NPT with connector ends made of either nylon or plated steel. Mesh sizes from 30 to 200 mesh are also available for whatever the requirement. Tank mounted strainers are available up to 4” NPT, as well as corresponding SAE straight thread models. Mesh sizes available are the same for both suction strainer and tank mount design.

Ohio Fabricators Co. has been making strainers, breathers, and suction screens for over 75 years, and all of them are made here in the USA. Give us a call to see how we can help you.

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