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Application Bulletin: Ohio Fabricators’ IS Series Suction Screens Have Many Uses

Ohio Fabricators’ introduces the NEW IS series suction screen product line. It is constructed of a nylon base connector end and stainless-steel wire cloth that is epoxied into the base. Pipe sizes available are up to 3” NPT male and female, with mesh sizes ranging from 4 to 200 mesh. They attach to the end of a pipe or hose and are widely used in the following industries…

  • Carpet cleaning industry – For industrial in-tank mounts for both water and air applications.
  • Disaster recovery – They are threaded onto the end of a pipe or hose to prevent the line from clogging when drawing water from flooded areas, basements, lowland areas, sewer lines, and anywhere water, or any other fluid needs to drain or be removed.
  • Water utilities – These screens are threaded onto vent openings for air, vacuum, and water. Also, used for closing off ground pipes and lines to prevent small animals from nesting inside.
  • Chemical processing – Used to protect the pump to strain out larger particles in chemical vats before the fluid travels further up the line for the process filtration.
  • Bug Industry – Used in the holding tanks for fly and bug abatement, these screens help keep debris out of the fluid line and keep nozzles free from clogging.
  • Paint pump systems – Anywhere portable sprayers or delivery systems move paint from one place to another, inlet suction screens help strain the paint before it is applied.

There is virtually no limit to what you can do with these suction screens. When it comes to transferring fluids from one area to another and straining those fluid is necessary, or where unwanted contaminants can enter, suction screens are the first line of defense. Contact Ohio Fabricators to find out how we can help you solve problems and keep your system running smooth!