Quality Management

OFCO’s production operations are governed by a fully documented Quality Management System that is third-party certified to meet ISO 9001:2008 requirements. The system is audited semi-annually by BSI auditors to ensure ongoing conformance and continual improvement. 

A plant-wide ERP system coordinates the activities of numerous manufacturing cells, and provides complete traceability for every product shipped. Job-specific work instructions in the form of “job travelers” are attached to each production order. The travelers provide specific information for proper job/equipment set-up, part or process inspection criteria and required product measurements.

Incoming raw material and purchased components are subject to sample inspections to assure compliance with our strict specifications. Upon acceptance, materials are identified with bar coded identification labels that are scanned to verify matching of material tags with job travelers.

Before a new product is released to production, it goes through a qualification process that may include some or all of the following steps:

• First article inspection by OFCO and customer

• Process analysis and documentation

• Pre-production prototypes or sample batches for customer testing and approval

• Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

Throughout the production process, products are spot-checked to verify construction integrity and conformance of dimensions within specified tolerances.

If nonconforming products are ever shipped, OFCO has established procedures for logging customer complaints and for the issue of Return Authorization as needed.  Returned products are analyzed to determine the root cause of failure and implementation of appropriate corrective actions. The OFCO Corrective Action Report format is utilized, but customers may designate their own required formats. 

Along with safety, product quality is OFCO’s top priority.  While current metrics show 98% of OFCO’s deliveries meet or exceed our customers’ expectations, processes are continually evaluated for improvement opportunities to move closer to the goal of achieving 100% customer satisfaction.



Click on the image above to download a copy of OFCO’s ISO Certificate.

For those who require it, a conflict material policy is also available by clicking the image below.

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