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Ohio Fabricators Announces New Line of Filler and Tank Breathers

Ohio Fabricators Company (OFCO), a leading custom manufacturer of filters, diffusers, screen assemblies and strainers, has announced its new line of filler and tank breathers for a wide variety of fixed and mobile hydraulic applications.

OFCO breathers are available in a bayonet style, threaded style and as pressure caps. Each style can be manufactured with a black e-coat, chrome or zinc plated cap. All OFCO breathers are compatible with petroleum-based fluids and come in various basket and filtration specifications. Also available are optional dipsticks, locking tabs and chains. As with all OFCO products, the breathers can be manufactured and delivered quickly.

Here are a few specs for the breathers:

Bayonet Style Specifications

  • Air flow to 30 CFM
  • Compatible with petroleum-based fluids
  • Self-tapping screws for flange mount
  • Cork gaskets standard

Threaded Style Specifications

  • Air flow to 30 CFM
  • Compatible with petroleum-based fluids
  • Temperature to 212°

Pressure Caps Specifications

  • Air intake valve opens at 0.435 PSI
  • Compatible with petroleum-based fluids
  • Temperature range: -22° F to 240° F
  • Buna gaskets standard

The breathers provide filler ports for hydraulic power unit tanks or other liquid reservoirs. Liquids are strained as they are added to the tank and let the tank breathe filtered air while keeping out airborne particles.

The breather cap allows air and moisture to exit the hydraulic tank as the fluid level in the tank rises, and it filters ambient air that is pulled into the tank as fluid levels in the tank fall.

Ohio Fabricators filler and tank breathers