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Nylon Hex Cap Suction Strainers (8000)


Reliable, low-cost filtering of petroleum base hydraulic fluids, fire-resistant hydraulic fluids (phosphate esters and water glycols), lubricating oils, coolants, fuels and water.


Female NPT Nylon Hex Cap Suction Strainers 8000 are used with hydraulic fluids, coolants, lubricants, and many process fluids. Designed as in-tank strainer elements for direct installation into suction lines of pumps; should always be installed below the minimum fluid level of the reservoir. Optional relief valves are available in either 3 psi or 5 psi allowing dirty filters to by-pass fluid, so your pumps will not burn out.

At Ohio Fabricators, our nylon cap P8 series strainers will keep your fluid power systems running at maximum efficiency. We can also custom manufacture any hydraulic strainer or filter to your exacting specifications.


  • 3 or 5 psi bypass
  • Custom sizes, screens and adapters
  • BSPP available
AssemblyNPT Thread Pipe Size (in)"A" Diameter"B" LengthScreen Area (sq/in)
Steel Hex Cap Suction Strainers Cad - Ohio Fabricators Company

Filter Mesh: 100 Mesh is Standard

Mesh SuffixMesh OpeningOpen Area
200.0029" (74 Microns)33.6%
100.0055" (140 Microns)30.2%
60.0102" (260 Microns)37.3%

How to Order

AssemblyMesh SuffixOptional Relief Valves (RV3 or RV5)
P-8054- 100 -RV3