What our customers say:

Like all manufacturers, OFCO’s web site speaks with pride about our products, service and capabilities. But it is gratifying when our customers tell the same story. The statements below contain specific examples of the things we do to become a trusted supply chain partner.


“We needed to redesign a strainer from an incomplete drawing. The staff at Ohio Fabricators was extremely helpful in filling in the gaps, suggesting improvements, testing various epoxies, and constructing prototypes. They were very responsive in making any necessary adjustments to meet our requirements.”  

S. W.
Senior Engineer


“Our old filter supplier couldn’t keep up with our delivery requirements, so we contacted OFCO. They came back with a competitive quote, including tooling, and provided pre-production samples for approval. We gave them a blanket order, and they have been extremely reliable in delivery of the monthly releases. It’s turned into a very smooth working relationship.”  

Design Engineer


“OFCO is a long-term partner within our supply base. They understand the importance of customer service, on-time delivery, quality, and continuous improvement. They’re willing to do whatever it takes to meet our needs as a customer.”  

J. C.
Sourcing Specialist


“The people at OFCO are very easy to work with. We give them a print and get a quote back in no time. Their prices are quite competitive, and their delivery performance has been excellent.”  

Product Specialist


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