Integrated Manufacturing

OFCO’s 45,000 sq. ft. facility in central Ohio houses a multitude of production operations. Under one roof is an impressive array of production capabilities:

  • Automated tube fabrication cell
  • Fully-equipped machine shop for turning, milling, grinding, drilling and heat treatment
  • Mechanical and hydraulic presses with capacities up to 100 tons
  • CNC shear
  • Tool room for in-house production of dies and fixtures
  • Welding department with both fixed and transportable work stations   
  • Soldering department with 5 soldering and brazing stations
  • Pleating, corrugating and rolling equipment
  • Robotically-operated epoxy application
  • Automated printing and marking cell for highly flexible customization
  • Complete facility for cleaning, deoxidizing, degreasing and etching



  • Welding Department Flexible welding capability with both fixed and transportable work stations.
  • Automated Tubing Cell Automated tube fabrication cell.
  • JIT/Kanban We can provide JIT or Kanban programs to lower your carrying costs.
  • CNC Shear CNC Shear for faster, more accurate trimming of raw materials and quick turnaround of customer orders.
  • Raw Material Inventory Substantial raw material inventory to ensure continuous product availability.
  • Automated Printing Customized part identification using automated printing unit.
  • Skilled Finishing Dedicated production cells for specialized products.
  • Robotic Epoxy Application Robotic epoxy application cell.
  • Tool Room In house tool room for the production of dies and fixtures.


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